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Would you be willing to write your loved one’s story?


Please read before submitting your personal story:

Stay as objective as possible - stick to the facts. What happened, medically? Who was involved? Where and when? Were you told why the “medical procedures” were or were not implemented?


  • first name (no last names) of your loved one/the victim
  • the city and/or state/province in which this happened
  • the year in which this happened
  • the physical and/or mental circumstances of the victim before the incident for which the victim was hospitalized
  • what was the immediate cause of hospitalization?
  • what was the first response of medical personnel?
  • what, if any, treatment was given to the victim?
  • were you told by a doctor what his/her diagnosis was, treatment plan and predicted outcome were?
  • was the person put on intravenous morphine?
  • if no treatment, did a doctor explain why not?
  • was the victim or person with Power of Attorney (POA) given choices about the medical condition, prognosis, treatment?
  • was there any disagreement with the doctor re treatment?
  • whose opinion prevailed?
  • did any medical personnel discuss “futility”, the decision to provide no treatment, assisted suicide, euthanasia, “comfort care”, withholding of food and water, or refusing to implement IV and/or feeding tube?
  • how long did the patient live after being admitted to hospital?
  • did you get a copy of the hospital report? (must be POA)
  • was POA told by medical personnel that he/she could not move the patient (victim) from the facility to another facility or could not take the patient home?
  • what was listed as the cause of death?

Do NOT include:

  • victim’s last name
  • name of institution
  • name of doctor(s), nurse(s), other staff or administrator(s)
  • name of community (if a small town or similar) where the victim’s, doctor’s or hospital’s identity would be obvious
  • no ad hominem remarks

IMPORTANT - Please read the following BEFORE submitting your story:

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