Patient’s Life Saved Minutes Before Her Life Support Was Removed

Life Legal Foundation was informed about a Southern California hospital that threatened to end the life of a patient by removing her ventilator.

Life Legal intervened in the case and were able to get a temporary court order to continue care and treatment. The judge is now reviewing the case.

In this case, a woman was scheduled to have her ventilator removed at 4:00 pm on Friday. At 3:50, we learned that the judge had approved our petition for a court order! We frantically called the hospital, which refused to back down from its plan until the order was delivered to the hospital. At exactly 4:00 pm, our attorneys were able to speak with the woman’s health care team to let them know of the court order and the woman’s life was saved.

Her condition improved over that weekend and she requires far less oxygen than she did just days ago! She was approved for a transfer to a specialized facility where she will be weaned from the ventilator.