• Mild stroke led to mother's forced starvation

    I watched an old woman die of hunger and thirst. She had Alzheimer’s, this old woman, and was child-like, trusting, vulnerable, with a child’s delight at treats of chocolate and ice cream, and a child’s fear and frustration when tired or ill. I watched her die for six days and nights.

    I watched her suffer, and I listened to the medical practitioners, to a son who legally decided her fate, and to an eldest daughter...

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  • Nobody Asked About Laurie’s Choice

    There is still so much love for Laurie ... floating around, and I do not imagine that ever changing. It makes me smile to see you all celebrating her love and life. I can not even name all of the things that make me think of her: art, purple, delectable Gruyere cheese, chocolate, Frida Kahlo, vegetarian sushi, Grey´s Anatomy, antique quilts, etc, etc, etc!! - Jennifer Furlong - Oaxaca, Mexico (former caregiver to Laurie; unsolicited Facebook post 3/23/2017).

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