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  • Life Legal Defense Foundation

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    Cases Represented by Life Legal Defense Foundation

    The following cases are examples of the excellent work that Life Legal Defense Foundation is doing in the area stopping hospital euthanasia. Unfortunately most families are not aware that they have rights to protect their loved ones from involuntary euthanasia. This does not mean that hospitals will easily desist in their effort to carry out the euthanasia. That is why we are providing further information on this website to help families understand their rights. You probably will need a lawyer to get your loved one moved to a medical facility that will agree to your treatment requests or to their home if that is medically possible.

    Involuntary euthanasia is considered murder in every state and province in North America. Yet Life Legal Foundation receives calls every week asking for help in cases where people are being starved, dehydrated or denied life-saving care simply because someone decided their life is no longer worth living or spending resources on someone whose life is no longer worth living. Life Legal has attorneys in every state to which they can refer potential cases. Life Legal does not charge for their services but this means that cases are taken on a priority bases. It would be best to first to contact a lawyer in your state or province directly that would be willing to defend yourself or a loved one. It is preferable that you have a power of attorney for health care or an advanced directive with someone you trust as your or your loved one's power of attorney (agent) who will follow your treatment requirements and be willing to oppose the hospital in a case were the hospital refuses to follow your wishes or you if you are the power of attorney (agent) for your loved. This will make it easier for your attorney to defend your requests with a court judge. But if you can not find a lawyer you can call Life Legal (contact information is below) for a referral to a lawyer or you ask them to help you directly. read more

  • Choosing a Grief Counselor

    If you have experienced the trauma of having a loved one euthanized by a hospital against their and your personal choice. It is very understandable that grief will arise as well as possibly guilt and anger due to the loss of a loved one by a hospital and doctor (see article on Grief, Guilt and Anger on this website). If you already have a relationship with a counselor that you are satisfied with then you will not need this search option.

    However, if you are looking for a counselor that has grief as one of the issues for which they provide counseling just enter your postal code or city below...

    ...you will be provided with a list of counselors (created and owned by Psychology Today) in your postal code. (If want to use another postal code you can choose that at the top right of this page. Depending on your location you may have a very large amount of counselors.

    Here are some suggestions on how to reduce the list to a manageable number:

    ● On the left you will see a list of specific things such health insurance companies whose network they are in, or clients of a specific faith which they prefer to work with. Most of these will reduce your list to a manageable number of counselors. If not go back and choose another category.

    ● When you click on a specific counselor’s name, this will provide you with a detailed description of everything and more information to help you further reduce the list to a manageable number of counselors to directly contact. We would suggest not more than six counselors;

    When you contact the counselor you should briefly provide your name, age and any other basic things you think they would need about you. Then briefly explain what you believe is the cause of your grief (and/or guilt or anger). This discussion should provide you with more information to make your selection.

    The counselor will tell you if they feel comfortable working with your specific need or if they tell you they do not feel comfortable working with your specific need just thank them for their time and honest response, if the counselor tells they have do not have available time for another client again just thank them for their time. If the counselor is part of your final that you are going to make your final choice from tell the counselor that you are going to talk with a few other counselors and that you will get back to them regarding your final decision in any case.

    If you choose not to work with this specific counselor you should not provide the name of the counselor you choose. Tell the counselor in this case politely that you would prefer not to provide this information. This should not turn into a bargaining or feed back situation. This is an interview. You can also tell them that you may get back to them if your initial choice did not meet your needs.

    Good luck on finding a counselor with whom you feel most comfortable.